Inspired by the '50 Tweed amps and its British counterparts, we have developed an amplifier that can create these distinct sounds. Powered by a pair of 6V6S or EL34 poweramp tubes, there is plenty of headroom available for rehearsal or gigs in small pubs, especially with EL34 tubes installed.

In Class A, the amp gives you that compressed yet highly dynamic sound, which is strongly tied to the intensity of playing. Class AB provides more clean volume and has a tighter sound to it. Both channels share the same EQ, which can be enabled in two different modes: 'VINTAGE' mode, which has a warmer and looser sound while 'MODERN' punches up the mids quite a bit, giving the amp more attack. When in 'PLEXI' mode, both channels can be linked so that you can tweak both volume controls to get the ultimate mix between the two channels. When in 'PENTODE' mode, the amp combines both channels and simulates the characteristics of a high-gain pentode pre-amp (for example the EF86, known from Matchless style amps) with a warmer/creamier clean and overdriven sound.

The biggest disadvantages with classic tube amps is that they have to be set extremely loud in order to get decent poweramp compression going. However, the Stonehenge has no problem getting good sounds at lower volume levels thanks to the post phase inverter master volume. This enables every type of guitarist, whether professional or hobbyist, to get the true characteristic sound of a tube amplifier, at any desired volume level.


Power: 15-30 Watt Class A, 20-40 Watt Class AB

Tubes: Power - 2x 6V6S or EL34, 1x GZ34, preamp - 3x 12AX7

Controls: On/Off, Standby, Class A/Class AB, Volume, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Vintage/Modern mode, Gain I, Gain II, Pentode/Plexi mode

Extra Controls: Double speaker outputs, impedance switch for: 4, 8 and 16 Ω, buffered serial effects loop with volume knob (true bypass)

Head cabinet:
Birch ply (12mm), available in creme white or black tolex with white or black accents and salt and pepper grille. Custom colours only at request

Optional cabinet: Available in 1x12 or 2x10, with open/closed back configurations. Material: Birch ply (12mm) Speaker(s): WGS or Celestion



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