Less is more? In case of the Everest, we are 100% convinced it is! This is the amplifier that many guitarist crave for; a dynamic and touch responsive amp that can do both beautiful cleans and silk smooth overdrives, just by altering your pick attack or adjusting the volume pot on your guitar.
The addition of the mastervolume makes the amp very versatile and adjustable for each type of gig. With the master on full the amp is capable of delivering 35 Watts of clean power out of two EL34 tubes.

The 3-way bright switch alters the overall brightness of the amp to cope with any stompbox or effects unit you throw at it.


Output power: 35 Watts

Tubes: Poweramp - 2x EL34, preamp - 3x 12AX7

Controls: Gain, Bright, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Power, On/Standby/Off

Extra Controls: Double speaker outputs, impedance switch for: 4, 8 and 16 Ω

Head cabinet: Birch ply (12mm), in black tolex with salt and pepper grille. Custom colours at request

Optional cabinet: Ported 1x12, 2x10 or 2x12. Material: Birch ply (12mm or 15mm)

Speaker(s): WGS or Celestion


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