Little Everest

The smaller brother of the Everest: Little Everest. It has the same specifications as its bigger brother, but in a smaller and less powerfull package, making it the ultimate amp for the guitarist who seeks for a light, easy to transport rehearsal amplifier that still has all the characteristics of a versatile and dynamic tube amp. This amp goes from beautiful cleans to silk smooth overdrives just by adjusting your volume knob on the guitar and the intensity of playing.

The 3-way bright switch alters the overall brightness of the amp, so that the amp seamlessly merges with stompboxes and other external effects reflecting the characteristic sounds they were meant for in the first place. The boost switch adjusts the midrange slightly.


Power: 15 Watts

Tubes: Power - 2x EL84, preamp - 3x 12AX7

Controls: Gain, Bright, Treble, Boost, Middle, Bass, Presence, Volume, On/Standby/Off

Extra Controls: Double speaker outputs, impedance switch for: 4, 8 and 16 Ω

Head cabinet: Birch 12mm multiplex, black tolex with white accents and salt and pepper grille. Custom colours only at request

Optional cabinet: 1x12 with open/closed back configuration
Material: Birch 12 mm multiplex and Speaker(s): WGS of Celestion




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